11 Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

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Pomegranate is an eye appealing fruit, very delicious and can be eaten raw or juiced.

It is a round fruit and has a shiny red-yellow skin, with a jewel- like inner seeds which is often called arils.

The seeds and the arils are good for consumption while the peel is not edible. Pomegranate is scientifically known as “punicum granatum” and classified as berries.

Pomegranate has capacity to survive drought and grows on a shrubs.

Pomegranates fruits have been used thousands of years ago in Egypt for many purposes and cultivated in many other countries including China, India, Mexico and America, even though some studies conducted believed that pomegranate originated from Iran and Persia.

However, pomegranate is rich source of numerous nutrients and natural compounds such as vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin B1, vitamin K, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, flavanoid, saponin, anthocyanin, punicalagin, and phenolic compounds.

Furthermore, people consume pomegranate because of it properties such as Anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antioxidant, and antihypertensive properties, these properties enable it to eliminate sore throat, diarrhoea and rheumatism among others.

Pomegranate fruit health benefits includes promoting healthy heart, prevent cancer, aphrodisiac property, aid digestion, prevent arthritis and rheumatism, inhibit bacteria infection, lower blood pressure, and rich source of antioxidant.

11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

1. Promotes Healthy Heart

One of the leading causes of heart disease is atherosclerosis, which is as result of plaques deposits. This raise risk of stroke or heart attack. Thanks to the high concentration of antioxidant in pomegranate juice. This aid in the elimination of build ups and fat deposits on the arteries and blood vessels, which in turn promotes sufficient flow of blood round the body. So, pomegranate fruit can be alternative for those suffering for heart attack.

2. Prevents Cancer

Pomegranate fruits contains high percent of antioxidant than many fruits, and has a strong effect on cancerous cells by preventing it growth. This include prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer. Incorporating pomegranate fruit reduce the susceptibility of cancer growth in the body. Some research conducted affirm it authenticity at inhibiting cancerous agent, though more researches are needed to ascertain this claim.

3. Aphrodisiac properties

Pomegranate juice is loaded with health benefits and people use it for many purposes, like improvement of libido and sexual performance. Poor sexual performance, often caused due to irregular circulation of blood to the genital area which can result when there is blockages on the blood vessels and arteries supplying blood to the penis. It is very advantageous and should be taking so as to enhance fertility and overall well-being.

4. Aid Digestion

Pomegranate fruit also plays a crucial role in reduction of poor digestive problems. There is fiber found in it, that can promote digestion and improve healthy gut. Taking it regularly promotes digestion and stop diarrhoea, constipation and among others.

5. Prevent arthritis & Rheumatoid

Pomegranate fruit exhibit antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties. This properties are responsible for prevention of inflammation and decrease dominance of oxidative stress thus eliminate swollen joint, redness, stiffness, joint pains as well as disorder linked to arthritis. People eat it to relieves pains and to enhance bone development since there is presence of calcium in pomegranate juice.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

Some research indicated that pomegranate fruit can maintain blood pressure and lower blood pressure. With abundant antioxidant, it impact positively on blood pressure and heart beat. Using pomegranate fruits as a natural remedy helps enhance blood pressure.

7. Inhibit Bacteria infection

Pomegranate juice can also help eliminate microorganisms owing to the properties found in fruit. It destroy bacteria, and viral infections, leading causes of diseases. Consuming pomegranate juice keeps you free from bacteria infections, as it is an antibacterial agent.

8. Rich Source Of Antioxidant

Functions of antioxidant are not only limited to cancer prevention but as well inhibit chronic inflammation of the various body parts. It is abundant in natural foods such as pomegranate fruit etc,. Experts recommend use of fruit like pomegranate fruit simply because it has a powerful antioxidant. Having optimal level of antioxidant, minerals, vitamin and dietary fiber will drastically eliminate all forms of oxidative damages and optimized your health condition.

9. Sore Throat

Pomegranate fruit is helpful when it comes to sore throat treatment due to the antioxidant and antibacterial properties in pomegranate. These allow the body to reduce presence of build up in the throat, and ensure a healthy throat.

10. Boost Immune system

Pomegranate fruits play a pivotal role in the improvement of immune system. Immune is like a bodyguard to the body; inhibiting dangerous diseases from weakening our body. Pomegranate is packed with vital nutrients and phytochemical known for overall well-being of the body.

11. Improve Skin Health

You obtain vitamin C, vitamin k, iron and many others when you eat pomegranate fruit. It is believed that all these nutrients contributes in the skin care.

Pomegranate fruit is loaded with nutrients used for many bodily functions. It can be juiced or eat raw.


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