10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender essential oil is derived from lavender plant via steam distillation.

It is cultivated in many parts of the world such as United State, Northern African, Mediterranean region and European countries.

This wonder herb, has been used for centuries due to its prominence and medicinal properties. Health problems like cancer, body odor, skin infection, cardiovascular problems etc, can be treated and prevented by using lavender oil.

However, is not just that lavender essential oil has a jaw- dropping health benefits, it is quite essential in the production of shampoos that contributes immensely to the hair maintenance.

In addition, many cosmetics industries use lavender oil for making perfume and many others products.

Lavender oil acts an antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which contributes to healing of bug bites and reduce minor burns.

Lavender essential oil health benefits include; respiratory disease, treat headache, prevent insomnia, anti bug, hair care, immune booster, anti cancer, antibacterial, aid digestion and good for skin.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

1. Respiratory disease

You can properly treat or prevent whooping cough, cold, bronchitis, throat infection, tonsillitis with the use of lavender essential oil. It has antibacterial properties, which can help treat respiratory related disease.
Experts recommend inhaling or rubbing on the body.

2. Treats headache

Lavender essential oil, could be of great help when inhaled or applied at the back of the head. It is believed to message the brain and coordinate central nervous system which in turn promote relieves of headache. Many studies have suggested use of lavender essential oil as a natural remedy for headache since its packed with important compounds and can effectively treat headache.

3. Prevent insomnia

Lack of sleeping could exacerbate various complications such as blood pressure and poor coordination in the body. Lavender essential oil is very potent at treating insomnia as it contain a relaxing properties, and there is no adverse effect compare to the use of modern drugs.

4. Anti bug

You can keep midges, moth, and mosquitoes at bay just by few drops of essential oil or cultivating lavender trees round your house. It also helps relieves pains, in case you have bug bite. A few drop of lavender essential oil on the affected area, will ensure pain relieves without scare.

5. Hair Care

Lavender essential oil is very significant when it comes to detoxifying hair against dandruff.
It has been proven that lavender essential oil may help minimize hair loss and dandruff, if rubbed on the hair frequently, with a carrier oil, will not only eliminate dandruff but as well improve hair growth.

6. Immune booster

Immune system protect and fight against infection, a major cause of weak immune system. Use of lavender essential oil is very significant at improving immune system after a successful application on the body. It strength your system and destroy harmful bacteria. Lavender oil is widely used for protecting and detoxifying the body, when inhaled or rubbed.

7. Anti cancer

Some study on lavender essential oil have shown that it can prevent cancer causing agent from spreading in human body when rubbed on the skin or inhaling. This is why experts advise lavender essential oil for generous effect.

8. Anti bacteria

Lavender essential oil contains antibacterial properties, which helps fight against bacteria growth in the body, especially if there is wound on your body. You rubbed it on the surface of the affected area.

9. Aid digestion

Lavender essential oil may also play a crucial role in digestive system. It prevent indigestion related problems, like diarrhoea, accumulation of gas, chest burn etc. You can simply inhale or rubbed on the body, this helps facilitate secretion of digestive enzymes known for digestion.

10. Good for skin

Acne, eczema, dark spot, and psoriasis can be treated by inhaling or rubbing of lavender essential oil. It is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties which helps inhibit growth of skin infection.

Lavender essential oil is superb as it provide a lot of health benefits. However, it play an important role in the manufacturing of perfume, shampoos and many others.

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