10 Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Ukazi leaf

10 Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Ukazi leaf

Ukazi is a green leafy vegetables, scientifically known as Gnetum Africanum, grows in subtropical and tropical region.

Ukazi leaves are slightly bitter in taste, the leaves are hard, and bears seeds, which turn yellowish once matured.

This perennial plant, grows on bole as a support with pleasant leaves.

Ukazi originated in Africa particularly, west Africa countries for instance, Nigeria where it has different names depending on the region.

In the Igbo speaking part, it’s known as ukazi or okazi, while Afang leaf in cross river state, South south Nigeria.

Ukazi leaves are highly used in many traditional foods, it is often used for cooking afang soup, and ukazi soup, as well as other local delicacy.

This delicious plant is made up of various nutrients and phytochemical including, calcium, iron , copper, niacin, thiamine, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin C, dietary fiber, protein and alkaloids, anthocyanin, caroteneoid and tannins.

Ukazi health benefits include help
Improve digestive health, improve eyesight, maintain cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar level, treat anemia, increase life Span, maintain cardiovascular health, weight loss, Boost immune system and Skin health.

10 Evidence-based Health Benefits Of Ukazi Leaf 

1. Improve Digestive Health

Expert recommend consumption of green leaf vegetables to enhance proper digestion. Indigestion cause further health challenges such as nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. Ukazi contains dietary fiber, potassium and natural compounds, which are beneficial in the gastrointestinal track.

Ukazi leaves do not just stimulate digestive system, they ensure bowel movement, absorption, utilization of nutrients owing to the dietary fiber content. Ukazi leaves keep the gut healthy and eliminate harmful bacteria and detoxifier the body against oxidative damage.

2. Improve eyesight

According to research, ukazi contains caroteneoid, a precursor of vitamin A.

Nutritionists suggests use of green leaf vegetables to maintain eye health because it has vitamin A. This vitamins help reduce risk of poor eyesight, blindness, muscular degeneration, cataract. Incorporating ukazi in your dishes assist you treat disease linked to vitamin A deficiency.

3. Maintain Cholesterol levels

Wrongly processed foods are primary causes of high cholesterol in body. Higher than normal level of cholesterol, line up on the arteries and blood vessels leading to heart problems including stroke and heart attack.

Ukazi contains fiber which is very significant in decreasing cholesterol full absorption, and eliminate build up on the arteries and blood vessels. It also prevent oxidative damage that is caused by free radicals.  The potassium helps dilate arteries which gives rise to normal blood flow.

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4. Lower Blood Sugar levels

Ukazi leaves are also used to manage blood sugar levels and boosting insulin sensitivity. When you incorporate ukazi leaves, pancreas is being enhanced to secret insulin which regulate and and maintains blood sugar levels. Dietary fiber delay full absorption of blood sugar into the blood stream.

5. Treat Anemia

Long deprivation of iron rich foods are main causes of iron deficiency. It is characterised with fatigue, and dizziness, if not given recommended daily intake may lead to complications. Ukazi leaves are said to be great in this regard, due to iron presence. Consuming ukazi leaves increase your iron and keeps anemia at bay.

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6. Increases Life span

Ukazi leaves are filled with niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, potassium, iron, protein, antioxidant helping protect and strengthen your internal body. Adding leafy green in your foods is helpful as it promote metabolic process.

7. Weight Loss

Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein, very low fat are found in ukazi leaves. These nutrients are considered healthy option in weight reduction plan . Fiber is known for delaying onset of hunger and makes you feel full for longer hours.

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8. Maintains Cardiovascular Health

You can minimize heart problems with regular exercise and adequate diet, particularly those rich in dietary fiber potassium, antioxidant. Ukazi leaves are filled with these nutrients. It ward off toxic substance on the arteries and blood vessels. As it improve Blood flow to the targeted part of the body. By dilating arteries the blood pressure is optimized. It is believed that fat deposits on the arteries are factor causing arteriosclerosis – stroke and heart attack.

9 . Skin health

You obtain some percent of protein, vitamin C and bioactive compounds when you eat ukazi leaf. These nutrients are very significant in maintaining skin health, as it nourish and prevent occurrences of skin disorder. Antioxidant in ukazi is said to impede formation of free radicals – a major causes of skin disease.

10. Boost Immune System

To boost your immune system, adequate intake of nutritious foods is recommended. Ukazi is a powerhouse of vital nutrients required for improvement of immune system. Protein, vitamin C, B vitamins and antioxidant are found in ukazi leaf. Evidently, these nutrients are known for promotion of immune system.


Ukazi leaf is a leafy vegetable packed with numerous nutrients and phytochemicals.

Ukazi leaf contains vitamin C,  potassium,  magnesium,  zinc,  niacin   folate,  Beta-carotenoid,  flavonoids to name a few.

These nutrients and phytochemicals enable it provides abundance of health benefits include eye care,  immune Boosting,  digestive system maintenance  among others.


Dietther: Ojeoru Goodluck is a passionate health writer who has written numerous articles on health. He obtained bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics.