10 Health Benefits Of Orange

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Oranges are highly essential in the body, as it assist in many bodily functions. Orange is known for it high vitamin C content and antioxidant .

2 cups of Orange offer you a lot of vitamin, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidant.

However, this citrus fruit is seem as one of the healthiest fruit. It is consumed widely because of it sweetness and contribution in the maintenance of skin and prevention of many diseases.

Orange health benefits includes Helping protect the eyes, Reduce asthmatic symptoms, promote sexual performance, Reduces constipation, dental health, lower cholesterol, fight against cancer cells growth, blood pressure, maintains the skin, maintains the hair.

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10 Health Benefits Of Orange

1. Help protect the eyes

Orange helps in protecting the eyes by preserving it from, Cataract and muscular degeneration,a situation that can lead to blindness. This protective function of Orange is associated to the high concentration of vitamin A – compound of carotene and anti oxidant. Anti oxidant help at warding off free radicals, which could cause poor sight. According to researchers that One medium size of Orange gives 15mg of vitamin A out of the 900mg recommended daily for men and 700mg for women daily recommended allowance700mg

2. Reduce asthmatic symptoms

Whenever there are inflammation on the bronchial tube leading to airways tighten, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath asthmatic symptoms said to have occurred. Orange help reduce asthmatic symptoms, possibly by widening and removing build up on the airways. Orange contain vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and anti oxidant. All these help prevent asthmatic attack.

3. Promote sexual performance

Orange supplement can be use to enhance sexual performance in both men and women due to its properties. Consumption of orange will not only promote your sexual performance but also protect you from erectile dysfunction and decrease libido. 1or2cups of Orange will make a great positive impact on your sex hormone and your sexual drive

4. Reduce constipation

Orange help in reducing constipation and makes you free from accumulation of toxins. Constipation makes it difficult to pass out stool,irregular bowel movement. Thanks to high concentration of fiber and water content, which help hydrate you, allow regularly passage of stool,and enhances or maintain bowel movement.

5. Lower cholesterol

Oranges are very essential in terms of reducing excess cholesterol. They’re full of dietary fiber. The fiber help absorb water in the gut and form a gel. As the gel move into the intestinal tract it pick high deposit of cholesterol compound , which eventually pass out as fecal. They also help lower Bad cholesterol level (LDL) and rise good cholesterol (HDL). So it is highly nutritious make it your favorite.

6. Dental Health

Orange also play a vital role in protecting the teeth,gums from infectious disease. It is loaded with vitamin C, which have long be believed to promote healthy gums as well as teeth. Adequate supply of vitamin C reduces gum inflammation and scurvy. Scurvy cause delayed wound healing, bleeding gum and declined production of collagen.

7. Blood pressure

Oranges are good source of potassium, calcium, vitamin C and fiber. They help maintain blood pressure. The presence of potassium in orange contribute greatly in controlling and maintaining blood pressure. One medium size of Orange will give you about 240mg of potassium. Potassium can also help to maintain body fluid balance.

8. Fight against cancer cells growth

Another important of orange is it capacity to inhibit cancer cells growth. It is packed with fiber, anti oxidant and vitamin C. Detoxifying the body is linked to anti oxidant. Orange play more protective role when it comes to cancer prevention and control.

9. Maintains the skin

Regular consumption of orange help improves skin appearance and maintains a healthy skin, as it facilitate production of collagen. This makes it possible for formation of new cells and removal of acne scars, blemishes. Orange contain an adequate amount of vitamin A,which also maintain the skin.

10. Maintains healthy Hair

Orange can also be use to enhance growth of healthy hair. It contains Vitamin A, and vitamin C, which assist in hair growth.

Orange is packed with vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that are capable of keeping you healthy. Risk of certain diseases such as skin disorder, anemia, cancer among others can be reduced with adequate intake of orange.

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