12 Powerful Health Benefits Of Ginger

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Ginger is among the spices mostly used in cooking. This yellowish skin  spices eminented  from the rhizomes of the plant Zingiber officinale.

Ginger can be eaten in different forms, dried, fresh, and powdered form in  many parts of the world like Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Fiji among others.

However,  ginger has gained seem all over the world simply because its serve as an ingredients in cooking, and also very beneficial in medicines. Equally, ginger has similar characteristics with cardamom and turmeric.

Moreover, ginger is not limited to food processing, and as spice in dishes but as well play a pivotal role in the cosmetics manufacturing.

Ginger is filled with  numerous  phytochemicals, such as  pantothenic acid , curcumin, flavonoid, gingerol and beta-carotene.

Nutritional fact
Calories 79g
Carbohydrate 18.06g
Dietary fiber 4g
Sodium 14g
Vitamin C 7.7mg
Potassium 38mg
Water 80%r
Calcium 16g
Magnesium 44mg

Ginger’s health benefits include,helping maintain Digestion, Liver Protection, Relieve Asthma, Nausea, Prevention of cold and flu, regulation of  Diabetes, Stomach Ulcer, Reduce Menstrual cramps,  Cardiovascular disease and Arthritis, prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s disease (1).

12 powerful Health Benefits Of Ginger


It is obvious   that a  serving of ginger daily will help regulate the digestive system.

Ginger contains phenolic compound, which helps to promote gastrointestinal (GI).

Its also facilitate enzymes trypsin and pancreatic lipase, which aid digestion. Effective function of the digestive system can be attributed to the presence of fiber found in ginger.

Research has shown that, those who consume food rich in fiber,have healthy digestive system than those who do not eat fiber rich food.


Ginger is among the spices used in different regions  of the world as home remedy  to combat  respiratory disorders.

Important nutrients  like Potassium  and antioxidant   are found in ginger.

The presence of antioxidant in ginger  helps at scrapping out harmful toxins along the airways, which cause tightening, making it difficult for air to move in and out of the lungs.

Enhancement of muscular contraction is associated to the presence of magnesium.


The liver is an organ which emulsifies toxic substances in the body to a level our body can tolerate.

However, when the liver is infected,these toxic substance accumulate in the body leading to disease like jaundice, which is a byproduct from breaking down of old red blood cells.

Jaundice turns the eyes from white to yellow.

In addition, taking a portion serve of ginger will increase effective function of the liver.


Ginger plays another vital role in preventing the urge to vomit, especially in early stage of pregnancy. Drinking ginger tea or chewing it raw are predominantly home remedy for nausea prevention.


Ginger helps in accelerating white blood production, and this is because of the concentration of vitamin C.

White blood cell, guard the body and defend it against any form of pathogens, which can cause disease.

Prevention of cold and flu in the body is associated to presence of vitamin C.


Gingers are mostly used in the management of diabetes in a diabetic patient due to its low sugar content.

Ginger slows down the process of excessive absorption of sugar in the body, thereby making insulin work effectively.

Ginger can be limited in terms of its quantity intake when the blood sugar is very low, which can cause hypoglycemia.


Gingers are very essential in the treatment of ulcer, possibly because of it active effect on H, Pylori bacteria.

H, Pylori bacteria is a Bacteria which can cause damages on the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

Regular, consumption of Ginger puts you in a better and healthy state.


High concentration of
Prostaglandin in the body triggers inflammation and pains .

Studies conducted recently have shown that high concentration of prostaglandin attributes to menstrual cramps.

prostaglandin is a hormone functioning as a chemical messenger, and a cause of symptoms like,cramps,pains and fever.

Ginger is a good source of potassium, magnesium sodium, fiber etc, which can bind with prostaglandin and reduce it effects to an acceptable level on the uterine muscles.


This is the disease of the heart, its failure to function effectively results to other type of illness such as heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure etc.

All these diseases put the heart in a stressful condition. Thanks to nutrients such as, vitamin C,  antioxidant, and potassium, a mineral.

Ginger intake may help boost and regulate normal circulation of blood round the entire body.


Ginger also helps prevent arthritis,which is capable of causing inflammation of the joint. Arthritis symptoms are pain, stiffness, and unable to walk.

It is widely believed that ginger facilitate production of strong bone and relieve pain in the joints and it anti inflammatory properties.

Ginger is loaded with calcium,which strengthens the bone.


Ginger contains bioctive compound like gingerol which is believed to protect against cancer.

People take in ginger different ways ,however frequent intake is said to promote healthy living.


In this case, making dietary adjustment could be helpful in preventing cognitive decline.

Scientists have proven that oxidative stress and chronic inflammation appears to increase the aging process which in turn cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Interestingly, ginger is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capable of decreasing and combating oxidative stress – a major cause of inflammation in human body. Incorporating ginger regularly will enable your body obtain all these benefits.

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Ginger is a spice use in cooking. It offers numerous nutrients and phytochemical.

These nutrients are associated with the health benefits of ginger.

The benefits includes cancer prevention,  arthritis, diabetes control, among others.


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