9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mullein Essential Oil

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Mullein (verbascum Thapsum t) is extracted from the leaf and flower of mullien plants.

Mullien essential oil is widely grown in the Asian and European countries, hence it matures during the summer and harvested for medicinal purposes.

This herbal plant (Mullein plant) is commonly used for treatment of different kinds of disease due to it limitless health benefits. Such as inflammation, anxiety and skin disorder.

However, this miraculous essential oil is comprises of many components for example, verbascosaponin, flavanoid, phenolic acids, mucilage, coumarin Tannin, Aucubin etc.

Health benefits of mullein Essential oil include, helps treat infection, enhance wound healing, treat respiratory disease, skin disorder, prevent cancer, prevent fever, contains analgesic properties, and hair growth.

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mullein Essential Oil

1. May treat infection

Infection occurs when pathogens invaded into human body and cause damages to the cell, tissues and organ if left untreated. Simply take Mullien essential oil either externally or internally to stop it harmful effect.
Infection is characterized with different symptoms such as, headache, loss of appetite and fever even though they’re preventable. Recent studies have suggested that it has properties good enough to treat infection.

2. Enhance wound healing

You can get rid of burns,treat wounds and cut when you applies mullein essential oil on them. It has been proven that mullien essential oil helps accelerate the skin cells to rejuvenated after damage and enhance healthy skin.

3. Treat respiratory problem

Mullein essential oil is very vital in terms of treating respiratory problems, for example asthma, breathing problem and bronchitis disorder. It enhance the airways,soften the cough and phlegm that blocks the respiratory tracks, this is because of the presence of antioxidant properties found in it.

4. Anti inflammatory

According to expert that you effectively treat inflammation with mullein essential oil. Recent studies have shown that it can treat inflammation resulted from indigestion.

5. Treat skin disorder

Mullein essential oil, can as well treat skin disorder since it contains anti septic properties. Anti septic has the capacity to treat pimples, acne, and eczema when applied on the skin.

6. Contains analgesic properties

Analgesics are mainly use by medical practitioners for treatment of several diseases such as toothache, headache,and joint pains. The percent of analgesic in mullein essential oil is very promising in terms of treatment of pains.

8. May Prevent Fever

Fever contribute mostly to malnutrition in human body. It is caused by pathogens, infectious bacterial. Recent findings have shown that mullein essential oil is very potent to prevent you from the bacteria which cause fever. You get this benefit by inhaling Mullein essential oil frequently.

9. Improve hair growth

Mullein essential oil can also be helpful in developed. Using mullein essential oil on your hair would assist it growth and moisturisers it.

Mullein oil is used by many because of it countless health benefits, though need to be taking moderately. If you’re on medication, it is advised you avoid mullein oil as it can causes a devastated effect, when used with other medications.


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