10 Health Benefits Of Cottonseed Oil

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Cottonseed oil (Gossypium herbace um oil) is a vegetable oil produced from cottonseed plants, filled with essential fatty acid, even though higher in saturated fat when compared with other vegetable oil like canola oil, Olive oil and soybean oil.

It is extensively used in many part of the world especially, USA and Europe. It undergoes transformation in order to remove natural toxins(gossypol), which can cause damage to the liver and infertility, if used without proper refining.

The light yellow color cottonseed oil is use for cooking, ingredients for medicine as well as cosmetics in the manufacturing industries. Example potato chips, salad dressing, mayannoes, margarin and detergents, insecticide.

However, when considering oil for deep frying and good flavor, cottonseed oil is the answer.

Health benefit of cottonseed oil include, treat wounds, ensure brain maintenance, maintains immune system, prevent heart disease, enhance hair growth, Anti-inflammatory properties, weight loss, helps prevent skin disorder, helps regulate blood pressure.

10 Health Benefits Of Cottonseed Oil

1. Brain maintenance

Omega 3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid have been identified for their active role in the brain’s functions. Cottonseed oil has been associated to the prevention of neurodegenerative disease. This is obtained by activating neurons connected to the brain. Moreover, eating food rich with cottonseed oil enhance removal of build up on the neurons pathways, a major cause of brain disease like Parkinson’s Alzheimer. Build up is a metabolite which form in the inner walls of the arteries, that induce obstruction to the ideal flow of blood.

2. Maintains immune system

Oxidative stress and inflammation are among factors causing immune weakening. Thanks to the presence of vitamin E in cottonseed oil and monounsaturated fatty acid. Vitamin E, an antioxidant which helps neutralize oxidative stress, induced by free radicals; this is known as main cause of inflammation in the body. The monounsaturated fatty acid may also supply some appreciable amount of required nutrients for immune maintenance.

3. prevent Heart disease

Heart attack is one of the life- threatening disease worldwide, especially from 40 years and above. Expert recommend supplement with reasonable amount of essential fatty acid. Cottonseed oil is filled with monounsaturated fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid. They help lower bad cholesterol, a risk factor of heart attack as well maintain good cholesterol, thus promoting effective circulation of blood round the body. Vitamin E and essential fatty acids also help prevent oxidation of cholesterol. Therefore, when you notice high level of bad cholesterol, cottonseed oil may be helpful since there are essential nutrients found in it.

4. Enhance Hair growth

Do you know that lack of essential nutrient in your meal could slow hair growth, consequently appear dull? Many women suffer hair loss, due to the absence of essential nutrient. Nutritionists often emphasis on intake of essential fatty acid for effective hair growth, which cottonseed oil is one of them. Cottonseed oil is a rich source of omega-6-fatty acid, very supportive in terms of sebum secretion. It does not only moisturizer the hair and beautifies it, but also maintain overall health of the hair by strengthen the scalp.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties

Studies conducted have proven that cottonseed oil may reduce symptoms of inflammation such as swollen joint, stiffness, joint pains, if incorporated into your foods. This is because it contains monounsaturated fatty acid, that is widely believed to be helpful at minimizing both acute and chronic inflammation.

6. Good for weight loss

When you want to keep to a particular weight, adjustment in food consumption and intake of healthy food is required. Cottonseed oil is an essential oil good for weight reduction as it do not contain trans fat. It has polyunsaturated fatty acid and monounsaturate fatty acid both will help maintain a healthy life style. It is much better taking spirally.

7. Prevent skin disorder

Cottonseed oil is packed with vitamin E, which helps smooth the skin and beautifies it by moisturizing the cells of the skin. Applying cottonseed oil topically helps minimize eczema, dark spot, and wrinkles. Moreover, antioxidant in cottonseed oil ensure removal of excessive toxins that destroy cells of the skin.

8. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Monounsaturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid are very crucial when your blood pressure get beyond normal range or too low, as they ensure that normal blood pressure is maintained. Adding cottonseed oil on your food ingredients daily, allow your body acquire all this nutrients.

9. Helps treat wound

Cottonseed oil helps in the treatment of wounds, due to high content of vitamin E. Many studies have indicated that vitamin E may be helpful in the treatment of wounds. Eating food rich in Vitamin E contributes profoundly as it facilitate wound healing process.

10. Inhibit Oxidative Damage

Oxidative damage is produced from the free radicals in the body. Free radicals when accumulated in the body increase chances of one getting life- threatening disease. It is true “you’re what you eat” cooking with healthy oil is evidently good for improvement of bodily functions. Cottonseed oil is one of the healthy oil, for overall well- being, since it contains important nutrients like vitamin E, essential fatty acids and many others.

Like other vegetable oil, cottonseed oil is very beneficial to human. However, it’s vitamin E and essential fatty acids, play a pivotal role in the treatment and prevention of different health problems. It is not only used for cooking, it is as well use for production of cosmetics.


Dietther: Ojeoru Goodluck is a passionate health writer who has written numerous articles on health. He obtained bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics.