11 Amazing Health Benefits Of uziza Leaves

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Uziza leaf  is among green leaf vegetables mostly used for spicing up meals as well as an ingredients in the herbal medicine practice.

Uziza is scientifically known as “Piper Guineese”, and belongs to the family of “Piperaceae” but commonly grown in west Africa and central Africa.

Its thrive most during raining season. Uziza grows about 15 to 20 meters in length on boles of trees as a support, and produce leaves and seeds.

Thanks, seeds and leaves are used for many purposes, and they’re seeds are similar to black pepper.

Uziza has a slight hot sensation or bitter taste, apart from using as a spices in dishes, people consume Uziza also as tea for medicinal purposes.

It is eating fresh or dried, and oftentimes crunched before applying into soup, stews and salads.

According to, kottarapat jeena et al. in a journey of essential oil bearing plants, indicated that uziza has anti inflammatory properties – making it potent for treatment and prevention of innumerable disease.

Moreover, its packed with valuable phytochemical like alkaloids, glycosides, flavanoid, beta- caryophyllene, phenol, and dietary fiber, which are linked to it spiciness.

Interestingly, it is not just beneficial to postnatal women to enhance uttering contraction for expulsion of placenta and total cleansing of the womb, but also to improve fertility, respiratory problems, rheumatism, intestinal disorder, and menstrual pains, headache, weight loss, and arthritis.

Uziza leaf health benefits includes improving immune system, combating respiratory disease, possess Anti-inflammatory properties, treat arthritis and rheumatism, combating digestive problems, maintains the heart health, relieves menstrual pains, improving fertility and lower cholesterol levels, helping prevent cancer, and good for post natal women.

Nutritional info of uziza (per 100g)
Carbohydrates 21.5g
Protein 15.7g
Fiber 33.1g
Thiamine 0.11mg
Riboflavin 0.46mg
Niacin 7.60mg
Folate 3.22 ug
Vitamin C 220mg
Pyridoxine 1.97mg
Calcium 2.08mg
Potassium 3.90mg
Magnesium 1.01mg
Zinc 0.01mg

11 Reason Why Should Eat Uziza leaf

1. Improve Immune System

In terms of immune boosting, uziza is very amazing. Immune system play a very crucial role in human body as it defend against dangerous disease from growing. The health workers, nutritionists often advocate incorporation of natural foods rich with various nutrients required to enhance immune system. Uziza possesses numerous nutrients, and natural chemical needed for immune building. Such as B vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidant. The presence of antioxidant helps ward off harmful substance which promote disease. Moreover, the dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals are very supportive in immune system. They help top up with iron and vitamin C content in the body in order to speed up defence mechanism.

2. Combat respiratory disease

Respiratory disease develop with a lot of symptoms and nasty experience in the body. Coughing, cold, asthma, bronchitis and among others, can be miraculously prevented with the application of uziza leafy in your meals. Several researches conducted have indicated that uziza leaves possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. However, these properties can act as expectorant, helping decongest the phlegm and mucus in the lung and bronchi, so as to ensure a healthy trachea. Equally, they assist in elimination of bacteria, and viral infections in the respiratory system owing to the antimicrobial properties in uziza leafy.

3. Uziza Possesses Anti-inflammatory properties

Many disease resulted mainly because of inflammation, thanks to the Anti-inflammatory properties in uziza leaf. Contrary to the popular believe, inflammation is a body natural response, targeted to inhibit infectious disease. Moreover, when it becomes chronic, it act as a severe disease that fight against recovery and healing process and leads to autoimmune disease. Therefore, consumption of uziza leaf regularly help moderate and minimize Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson and other problems associated with inflammation in the body.

4. Treat Arthritis & Rheumatism

As mentioned early, inflammation leads to different illness in the body like swollen joint, stiffness, joint pain, muscles pains. However, intake of uziza leafy regularly helps reduce all symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism and keeps you healthier. In addition, it antioxidant is very active in neutralizing free radicals known for causing oxidative damage in the body.

5. Combat Digestive Problems

Uziza is very supportive when it comes to digestive system since uziza can facilitate digestion of foods in the body. Scientific evidence has shown that it helps enhance secretion of important enzymes needed for effective digestion of foods. You can prevent indigestion such as heart burn, flatulence and diarrhoea etc by spicing up your meals daily. Hence, uziza leafy has antimicrobial properties meaning that it will tactically decrease bacteria which can cause digestive disorder.

6. Help Prevent Cancer

Uziza has abundance of natural compounds that can inhibit growth of cancerous cells. Such as alkaloids, and glycosides, they help decrease accumulation of toxic substance which can cause cancer in the body.
Several researches conducted suggest that the alkaloids found in uziza can reduce development of cell mutation – factor that can cause cancer. Even though more research is needed to further ascertain the potency of uziza in cancer prevention.

7. Maintains The Heart Health

Uziza leaf also be very helpful for those suffering from heart problems as it is made of notable antioxidant. Uziza is thought to aid improvement of heart performance by removing building ups on the arteries and blood vessels, thus reducing closure of the arteries. While the potassium in uziza leaf may functions as a vasodilator, for proper circulation of blood. It does not only limit to reduction of arteriosclerosis in the body but offers a general well-being of the heart.

8. Lower Cholesterol level

Foods high in fiber are very supportive at reduction of blood cholesterol levels, and interestedly uziza is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber helps to prevent the full absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream, subsequently preventing its deposition on the arteries. According to, dietitians daily consumption of green leafy vegetables helps reduce blood cholesterol and heart- related disease ( 1) .

9. Improve Fertility

Uziza seeds and the leaves have long been used to boost fertility, and reduce erectile dysfunction. As it possesses antioxidant which can detoxify the arteries supplying blood to the penis. Traditionally, people mix it either with honey or other spice to enhance male reproductive system. Importantly, whether you mix or add it in your meals, uziza is potent in boosting fertility.

10. Relieve Menstrual Pains

If you’re suffering from monthly menstrual pain, opt for uziza as it helps cushion the effect of menstrual pains. Uziza leafy is believed to have a positive impact on the contraction of the uterus. This promote ideal relaxation and contraction of uterus to expel dead cells; this is linked to potassium as well as the Anti-inflammatory properties found in uziza leafy. You can boil uziza leaves for some minute, mix the water with honey, and take daily during your period.

11. Good For The post-natal Women

Uziza is a green leafy vegetable given to women after child delivering to sanitize the uterus. Also being a rich source of iron, uziza leafy promote blood cells formation and reduce anemia.

Uziza leaves are highly beneficial, posses natural compounds that help improve a healthy living. It is use for spicing up different dishes, as well as an important ingredients in the herbal medicine practice. Uziza’s potency is associated to the phytochemical, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber found in it.

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