What Are The Health Benefits Of Mangoes

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Mangoes are popular  fruit with different kinds of nutrients and antioxidant, that are linked to it health benefits.

Mangoes have different  kinds of colour when it ripe like yellow, orange, red and green. It’s belongs to the family of mangnifera.

They are predominantly cultivated in the region like south Asia, India and Nigeria etc

Health benefits of mangoes includes
Prevent heart disease, bone development, help prevent asthma, prevent cancer, help maintains the eyes, manage diabetes, maintain the skin, blood pressure,
Improve hair health and digestion.

Vitamin A,
Vitamin C,
vitamin E,
vitamin K
niacin and
, Calcium,
Dietary fiber

What Are The Health Benefits Of Mangoes

1. Prevent Heart disorder

Heart is responsible for pumping of blood round the entire body. Maintaining it function effectively, becomes necessary. Mangoes helps protect  the heart against various types s of disease such as heart failure,stroke. Mangoes are rich source of potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin E. Widening of the arteries, removal of build up on blood vessels and prevention of all these diseases are associated to the presence of potassium and fiber content.

2. Bone maintenance 

Mangoes are abundant source of vitamin K, calcium. Calcium has long be believed to promote strong bone and teeth as well as keeping you away from osteoporosis. Mangoes also help prevent bone fracture

3. Help prevent asthma

There a lot of benefits you get when you consume one medium size of mangoes. Mangoes are very active in maintaining the airways of the bronchial tube in other to reduces asthmatic symptoms. Preventing airways tighten, shortness of breath, chest pains and coughing are linked to presence of potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin C.

4. Help maintain the eyes

Lack of vitamin A in the body results different kinds of defects such as night blindness and keratomalacia. Mangoes help protect the eyes against muscular degeneration as well as promoting effective function of the eye. Incorporating mangoes as one of your fruit according to recommended daily intake of 3000lU for men and 2.333lU for women,will not only enhance good vision but also maintains it.

5. Protect against cancer cells growth

Mangoes are rich source of nutrients like dietary fiber vitamin C, anti oxidant. Anti oxidant help fight against free radicals,which are capable of causing inflammation. Mangoes also help keep the body in check against colon cancer and breast cancer. By binding toxins and carcinogens which are eventually removed out of the body. Several studies conducted by researchers shown that mangoes reduce breast cancer.

6. Maintains the digestion

Mangoes are very valuable in terms of promoting proper digestive system. They are loaded with dietary fiber and water content.
This help improves bowel movement, as well as preventing constipation. Mangoes also play useful role in facilitating digestive enzymes,which contribute effectively to digestion.

7. Help manage diabetes

Mangoes can be use to maintain blood sugar level. Mangoes are full of dietary fiber. Reducing the amount of sugar entering the blood stream is associated to the presence dietary fiber. The also help to increase insulin sensitivity.

8. It maintains skin

Regular consumption of mangoes is very essential for a healthy skin due to the concentration of vitamin C and Vitamin A found in mangoes. The vitamin C help promote collagen synthesis and connective tissue,which help prevent wrinkles, and dark spot and enhances wound healing.

9. It maintains blood pressure

Mangoes are rich source of potassium and fiber. Potassium is known for its active role in regulating and maintaining normal flow of blood as well as body fluid. One medium size of mangoes or 1cup of mangoes will not only control your blood pressure but also boost your immune system.

10. Improve hair health

Mangoes are good for hair, as the enhance hair development due to nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

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