Honeysuckle Essential Oil: Health Benefits & Uses

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Honeysuckle Essential oil (Lonicera caprifolium) is extracted from flowers of honeysuckle plant by the use of steam distillation.

However, this bright orange flowers of honeysuckle plant is highly medicinal, no wonder it is used in China as an ingredient for making traditional medicine.

However, people inhale it as well apply topically to treat respiratory disease and inhibite infectious disease from causing further complications to the body.

It’s worthy to note that, this highly beneficial oil is originated from Asian countries, precisely India.

Despite fighting free radicals, mood maintenance, inhibit spread of infection and digestive system, it can also be used in cosmetics companies.

Health Benefits Of Honeysuckle essential oil include, good for the Hair, boost immune system, antimicrobial, reduce stress, contain antioxidant, helping reduce depression, good for the skin, and aid digestion.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil: Health Benefits & Uses

1. Honeysuckle Contains antioxidant

Honeysuckle essential oil is a good source of antioxidant. Antioxidant helps fight against oxidative stress produced from free radicals, a major cause of cell mutation in human body. It play all rounder works; antioxidant protect you and promote overall well-being.

2. Good for the Hair

Honeysuckle essential oil can also be helpful on the hair as it helps moisturizer dry hair and minimize hair loss. It is often use with shampoo and other hair conditional. It possess properties that are potent at destroying dandruff and safeguard scalp against infection.

3. aid digestion

Effective digestion of food and utilization means that enzymes and hormones associated to digestion are active. Indigestion may occur if enzymes needed for breaking down of food are not properly secreted. Moreover, honeysuckle essential oil when applied may enhance normal secretion of enzymes, ensure bowel movement and reduce symptoms of indigestion such as diarrhoea, vomiting, sense of fullness and heart burn.

4. Antimicrobial

Honeysuckle essential oil can prevent growth of microorganisms and viral infection in human body. Thanks to antimicrobial and antiviral properties in honeysuckle essential oil that inhibit growth of pathogens. You get all these amazing benefits by taking drops of honeysuckle essential oil.

5. Reduce stress

Recent studies have shown that honeysuckle essential oil may assist reduce stress in human body. It could be inhaled thus disseminate to other part of the body as to enhance stress free. It stimulate release of important hormone needed for stress relaxant.

6. Good for the Skin

You can get rid of eczema, dermartic atrophy and blemish out of your skin, by adding honeysuckle essential oil to the skin care lotion. However, it possess Anti-inflammatory properties which helps eliminate all these symptoms from the skin.

7. Promote Dental care

Honeysuckle essential oil possess anti bacteria properties, this enable it to effectively inhibit growth of bacteria in the mouth when added into your mouth wash. It keep the mouth fresh without any adverse effect in the teeth.

8. Immune booster

Some drop of honeysuckle essential oil can help boost immune system and destroy pathogens causing immune weakness. Weak immune is susceptible to cough and fever etc. applying honeysuckle essential oil may help treat all these, improve it functions as well as keep the immune healthy.

9. Reduce depression

Many people resort buying synthetic drugs when they’re depressed, not knowing that it is often come with side effect. Honeysuckle essential oil is excellent alternative if you are depressed. It is an antidepressants, when use in aromatherapy. Using it regularly well help reduce symptoms linked to depression.

10. May regulate blood sugar levels

Blood sugar level can be regulated and controlled if appropriate diets are taken and foods of high glycemic index are minimized . Honeysuckle essential oil can be helpful in correcting insulin insensitivity and enhance up take of sugar by the cells, cells of the adipose, liver cells even muscle cells. Hence, it could be used for management of diabetics patient, always see a doctor or dietitian for expert care.

Honeysuckle essential oil is associated with numerous health benefits, and moderate intake is recommended to avoid unnecessary side effect. If you are pregnant woman or lactating even diabetic patient, always seek doctor’s advice prior to use.


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