9 Health Benefits Of Peanut Oil

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Peanut oil is often   seem as groundnut oil and it is a vegetable oil extracted from peanut.

Peanut oil is widely consumed oil, it has light yellowish color with good loving taste and fragrance.

The high smoking point oil took it root from the south Americans, and spread to other part of the world.

However, currently peanut oil is among the leading and more preferable in preparation of different kinds of meals.

Peanut oil contains: palmitic acid, linoleic,acid, oleic acids, phospholipids, stearic acid arachidic,vitamin E and phytosterol etc.
Peanut oil is of different varieties such as roasted peanut oil, peanut oil blends, refined peanut oil, gourmet peanut oil and cold pressed oil refined peanut oil.

Health benefits include; Maintenance of a healthy heart and prevention of cancer, Anti inflammatory properties, management of diabetes, hair growth, improvement of fertility and skin maintenance.

9 Health Benefits Of Peanut Oil

1. Maintains The Heart

Obstruction to the flow of blood round the entire body, simply means heart attack and other complications is about setting in. Peanut oil  has a slew of Vitamin E and antioxidant, which helps to fight against free radicals. Starting meal with peanut oil can help put off heart attack. Though you should not go over board, fellow Dietitians prescription.

2. Management of Diabetes

Peanut oil helps in the management of diabetes due to it high content of oleic acids. According to researchers, oleic acids found in peanut oil is substantial in facilitating insulin production in type 2 diabetes. A substitute of dietary saturated fatty acid with polyunsaturated fat can improve insulin secretion in people with diabetes.

3. Prevent cancer

Peanut oil have been found to be effective in decreasing cancer growth in human body. Thanks to phytosterol, natural compound known for its vital role in anticancer properties. However,consuming peanut as recommended by your nutritionists or dietitians will help inhibit abnormal growth which can cause colon, prostrate, lung, ovarian and all form of cancer.

4. Prevent inflammation

Peanut oil can be helpful in preventing inflammation, and thanks to the favourable amount of antioxidant it contain. It helps neutralize oxidative stress, a key factor of many abnormalities in human body. Incorporating it into your food ingredients will enable you harness all the potential attached to it.

5. Hair growth

Poor hair growth and decolorized hair are often caused as a result of poor essential nutrients intake or its deficiency treatment. Peanut oil intake can help improve hair growth and maintenance since it contains vitamin E (an antioxidant) . It also helps to reduce excess secretion of sebum from the scalp as well as hydrating it. Similarly, dandruff, one of the causes of hair disorder can equally be scrapped out if applied to help moisturize the hair.

6. Anti aging

Occurrence of fine- lines and wrinkles are common as you age. Eating adequate meal becomes an alternative remedy as to slow down the progress of aging ; and this should be meals rich in phytochemicals and vitamin A, vitamin E.
Peanut oil is vital in controlling aging process because of the antioxidant found in it. Also vitamin A is known for synthesis of epithelial cell which, in turn, correct all the symptoms of aging.

8. Skin health

Appearance of spots, pimples, acne and eczema on the skin are symptoms of skin diseases. Peanut oil is very impressive in preventing these signs. It is loaded with vitamin E and antioxidant which may assist detoxified free radicals capable of causing disorder on the skin. You have a lot to gain from peanut oil, it moisturizes your skin, smoothens and and promotes healthy skin.

9. Improves fertility

Peanut oil is very significant as it helps boost fertility hormone which ,in turn, regulates testosterone. Its deficiency in the body may lead to reproductive abnormalities. Taking a daily recommended allowance is a safer way to put infertility at bay.

Peanut oil is filled with numerous health benefits, and may be used in cooking. For those living with heart disease, peanut oil should be used sparingly. Always consult a dietitians for expert care,avoid self medication.

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