9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Corn Oil

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Corn oil is a vegetable oil extracted from corn, it undergoes a lot of refining process during which many nutrients are lost, though vitamin E still remain in appreciable amount.

Corn oil is commonly used for cooking especially in deep frying.

Many companies and industries use corn oil for production. Example, industries use it as ethanol, (a biofuel) source, while the cosmetics companies use it as soap, paint, textile, ink and among others as ingredients.
Similarly, it’s also used in homes as ingredients for salad dressing, cakes, and breads making.

Nutritional info
One tablespoon of corn oil (15ml)
Calories 122
Total fat 12-14g
Vitamin E 1.25-1.94g
Vitamin K 1.42g
Polyunsaturated fatty acid 7.437g
Monounsaturated fatty acid 3.76g
Saturated fat 1.45g

Health benefit of corn oil include;
May prevent cancer, can help lower blood lipid, Help lower blood pressure, Good for skin,and reproductive system, Immune system.

9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Corn Oil

1. Prevent Cancer

Other varieties of oil, are commonly known, while corn oil is not regularly used, that does not make it less beneficial to health. Phytosterols is amongst natural compound found in corn oil. Phytosterol help fight against free radicals from oxidizing and cause damage in the cell. Tocopherol,a component of corn oil is well known for it’s impressive role in slowing progression of cancer. However, always consult a dietitians for experts purposes.

2. Lower cholesterol level

High cholesterol in the blood makes it difficult for blood flow, leading to atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke. Corn oil is loaded with omega-3-fatty acid and phytosterol. Phytosterol help reduce the absorption of cholesterol from diet, hence lower cholesterol level in the blood. It also reduce bad cholesterol as well as maintaining good cholesterol level.

3. Good for Heart Health

If there is continuous plaques on the wells of arteries, the heart would be prone to heart attack or stroke. The phytosterols in corn oil helps neutralize free radicals capable of causing damage, while the tocopherol can help removal build up on the walls of arteries. Moreover, corn oil has more omage-6 fatty acid omega-3 fatty acids than saturated fatty acid,a risk factors of heart disease. Nutritionists recommend consumption of corn oil as to improve heart performance.

4. Lower blood pressure

As previously mentioned, it is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acid monounsaturate fatty acid and vitamin E. Vitamin E, has antioxidant properties, a key chemical compound for inhibition of free radicals effect on human body. Adding corn oil into your meal would be very supportive in regulation of blood pressure.

5. Skin health

Corn oil can also help reduce the symptoms of skin disorder like eczema, dark spot and acne, if applied approximately. The presence of vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acid can be helpful to improve skin health.

6. Hair Health

Vitamin E contained in corn oil has shown in recent research that it can neutralize oxidative stress which often cause by free radicals when they are tool much. Monounsaturated fatty acid can also play a crucial role in hair maintenance.

7. Enhance growth

Increase in weight, size and height requires adequate intake of numerous nutrients, one of the important is omega-6-fatty acid. Several studies have shown that adequate intake of essential fatty acid can impact positively on child’s growth.

8. Good for reproductive system

Sterol is a components of corn oil. One cannot effectively reproduce,an offsprings without having appropriate amount of sterol in human body that is potent for stimulating sex hormone. In spite supplying Sterol to the body,it is packed with phytosterol that can also help remove blocks on arteries which supplies blood to the penis thereby increasing sex drive.

9. May Boost Immune system

Corn oil serve as an immune booster, in the sense that it increases body defense mechanism, by inhibiting formation of free radicals, which is known for affecting the body performance. Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K are primary constituents of corn oil, and these are linked to enhancement of immunity.

Corn oil is extracted from grains of corn. It is generally used for cooking method such as frying, simply because of its high smoking point. However, corn oil is loaded with vitamin E and phytosterol, which offers some health benefits even though its negative effect is more than the health benefit. You should opt for a more healthier oil such as canola oil, soybean oil and olive oil.

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