10 Health Benefits Of Sunflower Oil

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Sunflower oil (Helianthus) this is a non-volatile oil obtained from the seed of sunflower. It is richly loaded with vitamin E, much more than some vegetable oil found at the grocery stores, which makes it better options for skin care.

However, much emphasis have been by the Nutritionist-Dieteticians on sunflower potent in the cardiac problems. It’s comprises of triglycerides and mainly consists of palmitic acid, stearic, oleic acids and linolenic acid and selenium.

Furthermore, the presence of these components in the body are amazing as they contribute to a healthy heart. The vitamin E, antioxidant known for keeping the heart free from oxidative stress, which can damage the heart.

Health benefit include; Good for immune system, prevent cancer, Anti-Arthritis, prevent Asthma, maintain skin Health,Aid digestion, Improve Heart Health, Enhance Hair growth, boost fertility, anti- inflammation.

10 health benefits of sunflower oil

1. Good For Immune system

Weak immune system is prone to many kind of illness such as tuberculosis, fever, cold and among others . sunflower is full of linolenic acid needed for immune maintenance. Intake of sunflower oil, do not only help to build new cells and tissues of the body but also benefit in boosting the immune system. Thus,the various nutrients such as copper, iron selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B can help effectively in boosting and maintaining immune system.

2. Prevent cancer

Another crucial benefit of sunflower oil consumption is it amazing impact on cancer prevention. This is associated to the rich source of Vitamin E in sunflower. Researches have suggested that diet full of Vitamin E help reduce hazardous effect of fee radicals on the body. When this free radicals are in excess it create oxidative reactions that can damage the cells and stimulate abnormal cell growth leading to different kind of cancer like colon, breast, prostrate etc. Therefore, supplementing it in the diet can prevent cancer formation.

3. Anti-inflammation

There are a lot of benefits in sunflower consumption. Sunflower oil is superb when it comes to decreasing inflammation, possibly because of linolenic content in sunflower oil. Daily consumption can speed up your Anti-inflammatory properties and keeps you away from joint pain and stiffness.

4. Prevent Asthma

Sunflower oil helps prevent asthmatic effect by stopping all the symptoms associated with asthma for instance wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. It is a rich source of Vitamin E,which have antioxidant properties. Several studies conducted on sunflower suggested that Vitamin E in it can reduce build up on the bronchi linked to asthma.

5. Can maintain skin Health

Eczema, acne,dry skin, spot, wrinkles, scar’s are sign showing you deficient of Vitamin A, C D, E etc. However, sunflower contain Vitamin E, which do not only protect you against harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation but keep you away from oxidative stress. The essential fatty acids contain in sunflower help the skin cells to regenerate hence, decreasing presence of wrinkles, blemishes, patchy skin and eczema.

6. Aid digestion

Sunflower oil can also help aid digestion and reduce indigestion. It’s contribute to digestive system is linked to the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in sunflower oil. It has also laxative properties, even more research is required in this aspect. Therefore, incorporating sunflower oil will not only prevent discomfort, that occur as a result of efficient digestion of food but help in overall health.

7. Improve Heart Health

As previously stated, sunflower oil contain monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) which contribute greatly on blood lipid level. High lipid in the blood often predisposes one to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, increase chances of heart attack or stroke. Dietitians,picks it as an alternative food choice, simply because it help maintain a healthy heart. Moreover, it is loaded with Vitamin E, which inhibit dangerous free radicals from oxidizing the body’s cholesterol. Daily intake of diet incorporate with sunflower oil help reduce cardiovascular disease.

8. Enhance Hair growth

Good for hair growth as it contain omega-3-fatty acid, vitamin E an monounsaturated fatty acid. Sunflower oil enhance secretion of blood circulation to scalp there by forming new hair. A as stated earlier, it contain magnesium, iron and copper they add in blood formation.

9. Enhance growth in children

We all known that, we are whaeat. Adequate feeding determines your size, height, weight, mental development, and overall health condition. Sunflower oil is endowed with essential nutrients required for positive growth such omega-6 fatty acid and omega-3-fatty acid. Complementing it in your family food plan would enhance effective growth.

10. Improve fertility

Sunflower oil is very amazing in terms of improving reproductive system. This is attributed to the presence of vitamin E and other beneficial nutrients found in sunflower oil. It helps you top up your good cholesterol meaning promoting effective sex drive.

There is contention that consuming sunflower oil enable your body to get rid of toxic substance, and ensure overall well -being; this is because of the various nutrients found in it such as vitamin E. Prior using Sunflower to control heart-related disease, consult a dietitian and avoid self medication

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