11 Health Benefits And Toxicity Of Palm Oil


11 Health Benefits & Toxicity Of Palm Oil

Palm oil is obtained from the palm fruit of the palm tree. It is extensively grown in west Africa countries like Nigeria. The reddish oil is often stored at room temperature.

Palm oil has secured a spot in the global markets due to its relevance in food and cosmetics manufacturing companies. Example of this, is its uses for bar soap making, toothpaste, waxes, ink and lubricant.

Moreover, palm oil is one of the major oil used for cooking in different homes. It is easily digested, absorbed, utilized and a good source of energy generation.

Palm oil is a rich source of ,vitamin E, antioxidant, beta-carotenoid, a precursor of vitamin A, monounsaturate fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid and saturated fat.

There is no doubt that palm oil is highly nutritious and offers a lot of health benefits, for instance the health benefits includes, it is good for the healthy function of the eye and boosts brain performance; it fosters hair growth, and is also a good source of energy and contains antioxidant; it prevents heart disease, immune system deterioration, improves fertility, maintains skin health and cholesterol.


Despite the amazing benefits of palm oil,  excessive consumption of it may cause various diseases including cardiovascular disease.

11  Health Benefits of Palm oil

1. Good for the Eyesight

Human eye is as important as every other thing you can think of health; reading, walking are made possible by the eyesight, and its malfunction makes life threatened. However, deficiency of vital nutrients associated with the eye optimal performance is a reason behind poor sight. Palm oil is a rich source of beta-carotenoid, a type of caroteneoid that is converted to vitamin A in the body. It is widely believed that vitamin A is not only for minimization of poor sight, cataracts, muscular degeneration but actually improves the functions of the eye optimally, enabling a healthy vision.

2. Improve Brain Health

Science has revealed that poor feeding habit is characterized with a lot of mental issue, but making a wise and right food choice is incredibly good for a healthy brain. Brain regulates most of the activities of the body, processing, integrating, and mental coordination. Moreover, inadequate intake of essential nutrients minimizes these functions, and is a key factor of mental impairment. Palm oil contains nutrients like monounsaturate fatty acid, and is very effective in brain boosting. Polyunsaturated in palm oil can as well contribute to brain development
even though less amount
can help you top up and prevent mental impairment.

3. Rich source of antioxidant 

High amount of toxins in human body predisposes one to many disease such as cancer, inflammation, heart attack, high blood pressure. Antioxidant is a natural occurring compound with great potent to fight against free radicals, capable of cause and accelerating abnormalities in human body. Palm oil an excellent source of antioxidant which helps ward off toxins and slow growth of cancerous agent. You get this by cooking your meal with palm oil

4. Lower cholesterol level

When there is high fatty substance in the arteries, it cause build up and narrowing, forcing the heart to do extra work trying to pump blood out. Palm oil can fit in minimize build up and narrowing of the heart as it contain monounsaturated fatty acid. Research has concluded that monounsaturated fatty acid in palm oil can reduce cholesterol level. Even though more research is much more need as to ascertain it effect.

5. Boost immune system

Palm oil could serve as another dietary nutrients alternative in boosting your immunity since it contain antioxidant, vitamin A all of which have great impact on disease prevention. In the light of the above, antioxidant ensure scrapping out of free radicals, one of dangerous disease causing factor. Vitamin A help synthesis epithelial cell that protect the various, organ, tissues from damage.

6. Good for the heart

Palm oil can also assist in delaying progression of heart attack since it contains appreciable percent of monounsaturate fatty acid (MUFA) polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA),even though, there is still percent of saturated fatty in palm oil. The presence of MUFA and PUFA can be helpful in delaying progression of cardiovascular disease. Many studies have concluded that it delay progression of heart attack while some disapproval on fact that it contribute to heart disease for this reason consult a dietitian or nutritionists.

7. Improve fertility

One of the leading causes of divorce in many homes today is infertility, and making a bold step today to deal with the shame and keep infertility in your marriage at the door, only involves adequate intake of the daily required amount of dietary fat. Palm oil is a good source of vitamin E and Vitamin E is very effective in terms of fertility improvement, and enough amount of this ( vitamin E) in your diet helps stimulate fertility hormone.

8. Energy source

Palm oil is superb when it comes to energy generation than carbohydrates and protein. It helps the body use carbohydrates efficiently. It contain high amount of calories. However, Dietary fat make you feel full thereby delaying the onset of hunger.

9. Good for the skin

Dry skin, acne and other symptoms of poor skin development are a sign of malnourished skin. But you can actually get rid of acne dry skin etc, simply by applying palm oil into your diet as required. As the reasonable amount of Vitamin E found palm oil is very helpful in this regard. It corrects the rate of sebum production and as well as other symptoms. Palm oil is a good skin moisturizer.

10. Hair maintenance

Science believed that the oil can help the hair follicles grow actively, and this is because of the nutrients in palm oil. Palm oil , if applied, helps ward off scalp and dandruff, and stimulates hair growth, promotes blood flow to the hair and its overall maintenance.

11. Constipation

Palm oil is very effective in stool softening as against strong stool, difficulty in passing out via colon lumen. Palm oil helps supply dietary fat to the liver which ,in turn, produces and stimulates enzymes that trigger digestion and ease frequent flow.

Palm oil is absolutely nutritious. It is not limited to food preparation but as well important in the cosmetics industries.

Numerous nutrients in palm oil contributes to the health benefits of palm oil.

11 Health Benefits & Toxicity Of Palm Oil

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