10 Amazing Health Benefits & Nutrition Fact Of Potatoes

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You might be surprise to known that one serving of medium size potato is filled with numerous health benefits.

Potatoes are nutritious vegetables loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that support our body, boost immune system, and improve energy levels.

This rich source of energy, is originated from American and spread to many parts of the world.

Potatoes are of different varieties among them are, white or cream-colored flesh potato, yellow, red and purple pink skin potato.

It has been proven that different color sweet potato may contain varying amount of phytochemicals.

It is said that orange sweet potato has the highest level of beta-carotenoid with antioxidant activity. While purple sweet potatoes have more anthocyanins – phytochemical

Health benefits of potatoes includes,
Anti-inflammation, prevent cancer, immune booster, may prevent heart disease, Good for the Eyes, helps maintain blood pressure, Delay skin Again, and Enhance Hair Growth.

Nutrients value
Calories 114
Carb 28grams
Protein 2g
Fiber 4g
Potassium 438mg
Magnesium 32 mg
Calcium 39mg
Phosphorus 61mg
Vitamins B6 0.3mg
Vitamins A 18,4 mpact

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Potatoes

1. Anti inflammation

Potato assist our body to inhibit excessive inflammatory process, thanks to it’s high content of Vitamin A and Anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is characterized with swollen joint, redness, joint pain, joint stiffness. Potatoes are believed to contain appreciable amount of antioxidant, fiber and vitamin C. This antioxidant is important at speeding up our body to fight against inflammation, as well as aiding in minimizing symptoms related to inflammation.

2. Help reduce cancer development

Potatoes have been proven to be very effective at inhibiting various types of cancer in the body, and reducing cellular damage that can cause free radicals. Potatoes have appreciable percent of phytochemicals that are known to possess anticancer properties, as well as vitamins C. They act help by stopping the mutation of normal cells, and replication of cancer causing agent.

3. Immune booster

The immune system is responsible for different important functions that help maintain our health, though most people know it as the system that prevent illness. So, immune required adequate diet as to remain strong to perform it duties effectively. Potatoes help improve the ability of the immune system to identify and subsequently destroy harmful pathogens, and help keep you safe during flu season. This is associated to bioflavanoid found commonly in citrus fruit.

4. Prevent heart disease

The heart is responsible for pumping out blood round the body, making it necessary to be healthy at all time so as to prevent disruption of its functions. The potato can help protect our heart from harmful effect of free radicals which increases oxidative damage and inflammation in the body. This triggers build up in the walls of the arteries leading to atherosclerosis. Free radicals are form in the body under normal conditions, but can cause damage to the body when they are higher. The beta-carotenoid and anthocyanin contributes profoundly at eliminating free radicals in the blood, this way, an ideal flow of blood to the whole body is achieved. High antioxidant content of potato helps reduce oxidation of bad cholesterol – a risk factor of heart disease. Therefore, eating potato rich diet is vital as it’s ensure overall well- being of the heart.

5. Good for the eyes

To maintain a healthy eye, consumption of foods rich in caroteneoid as well as minerals and vitamins are required. Potatoes are full of beta-carotenoid, a pressure of vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important as it helps decrease muscular degeneration, as well as assisting with drainage of vitreous humor of the eye, where build ups of pressure can cause glaucoma. Several research have suggested use of potatoes to improve eyes performance. Additionally, antioxidant is also known for eradication of oxidative stress that can cause inflammation of the eye.

6. Helps maintain blood pressure

Potatoes help in the maintenance of blood pressure thanks to the presence of potassium. Potassium, a key electrolyte in like manner to sodium, exerts a strongly balancing effect on blood volume, helping ensure that excess water is not retained in the body. However, potassium has vasodilatory action on blood vessels allowing a greater diameter thus enhancing blood flow.

7. Delay skin Aging

Potatoes are also important in delaying skin aging, thanks to the presence of vitamin A, C and phytochemicals like beta-carotenoid, anthocyanin. Vitamin C is essential for optimal collagen synthesis, which in turn result in regeneration of new cell. Therefore, regular intake of food filled with vitamin C, Vitamin A can assist in removing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as improving the appearance of skin.

8. Enhance Hair Growth

Potatoes are highly effective in promoting quality hair. It’s vitamin A content helps in moisturizing the scalp. More so, the vitamin C in potatoes help facilitate the absorption of iron from the food we eat. The iron obtained is essential in promoting hair growth.

9. Source Of Energy

Potatoes are rich source of complex carbohydrate,vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Complex carbohydrate is converted to glucose by the aid of these vitamins. Glucose is the primary source of energy in the body.

10. May Prevent Anemia

Anemia is a health problem affecting those with deficiency of iron and vitamin C. Potatoes have iron and vitamin C which can elevate blood serum of iron providing solution to anemia.


It is true that potatoes are loaded with nutrients, and this is linked to it health benefits.

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